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January 14, 2015

About Questions ~ Information Signs, Divine Detours and Puzzles

Here I am settled into the 8th decade of life and continuing to ask the same questions. 
[Warning:  I only know the beginning of this post- I don't have a clue where this little side trip is headed]

Have I not been listening the first or the 5th time I ask?  Am I not seeing clearly as I look about me for new direction, a road map, a divine detour?  I continue to ask "What now Lord?"

Have you ever been at this adult still reaching out for a grown up hand to grab onto?  Trying to read all the road signs...majoring on what we call information signs along the roadways [of life]. 

You read the books, join in the studies to determine your  'custom made by the creator' gifts, Bible studies with  godly ladies all looking for some of the same things...answers, direction. 

 Looking back perhaps I was searching for the right things...but the timing, the place, the needs- the platform was not in place yet. 

I am more than comfortable speaking with an audience..usually have something to say and thrive on the sharing opportunity. This one statement may explain to you why I describe myself [in my online profile for LGH ] as a 'planner, producer, performer, promoter'. I have always been comfortable in that role.

On days like this as I am  so challenged, encouraged, and in still small ways puzzled if not defeated  I'm  still that young child walking alongside the grown up ...reaching and holding on tightly to the hand ..not sure which way to go without that security.

Today as a Grandparent, recently a Great Grandmother and a 'seventy something' I am learning to walk alone, adjusting to the phrase 'just one' & apologizing for the  'one' using a table for four.

I have an abundance of time to ponder, mull over or contemplate life, me and the passing of time. I seem to stumble upon most solutions, glimpses of wisdom...then what do I do with them?  Funny, this very thought reminds me of [ analogy ] a 1,000 piece puzzle laid out waiting for the puzzle geniuses  to magically make all the pieces fit...and me..well you can count me out of this activity.  That is not my gift.  I spot  the easy to decipher pieces that all fit together and that project is history!

Do you ever relegate certain problems or projects to what we often call "the back burner"? Do I ever!
There are often so many 'post it' notes filed away in my pathetic brain we could publish a book titled "Post it" notes.

As you and I share this blogging moment as writer & reader a few of those back burner post it notes pop up.  I am reminded that back in those days when I just dreamed of any opportunity to share with other ladies...[and I did have a few of those], the time was not right. 

The plain and simple truth is there were so many God things ahead  at that many stories not yet written, lessons learned.  We were where God wanted us to be taught, molded and shaped for future use.  We were in place for trials, heartaches, testing & yes victories!

Did I mention the Church conflict, the forest fire, the unanswered prayers,  the sale of our home & farm, the move back close to our children and grand children, the Cancer and the Cancer ?

And the Goodbye.

Good grief [how appropriate] it seems so obvious now  our story was only barely begun ...Once upon a time.. the puzzle pieces, the 'rest of the story'  still ahead .

Our story was still being written & not  yet ready to be told.

Now  I am ready ...Holy Spirit I ask you to continue to remove Self  & in it's place fill me with so much of You that I can begin to see more clearly,  listen more intently and understand more completely  ...with the end goal to be Used You perfectly because I am not a puzzle person...Your Will.

Only You!

Looking Forward


January 08, 2015

Just Wondering....

I just wonder.....if 32 degrees  were not called the freezing mark, and if lower than 32 NOT called "be_low freezing"...would if FEEL AS COLD? [keep in mind  I a southern lady]

Never mind the far north scene in the picture - that is just to remind us down here that many people north of us have it much worse  tonight than we do with our artic breeze out there.

I just wonder.....if 32 degrees were not called the freezing mark, and if lower than 32 NOT called "below freezing"...
Would it FEEL AS COLD?
[keep in mind I am southern lady]

Never mind the far north scene in the picture - that is just to remind us that many people north of us have it much worse tonight than we do with our artic breeze out there.

January 01, 2015

A New Beginning~

I didn't earn it. I didn't create it and I fear I will not even begin to measure up to the gift...another new beginning.

As I think about those words ever so briefly I realize I don't merit or measure up to all the other too amazing for words blessings of my lifetime...the God appointed guardians of my younger years, the provision of bounty throughout my life in the form of friendships, mentors, sweetheart for life, family and even earthly material blessings beyond what I could ever have imagined, even to ask, dream or pray about.

During all those years I never had an inkling of a notion to count the victories much less the new beginnings, like a new year. They just came regularly.

At this mile marker January 1, 2015 I am looking at a second calendar year alone [since 1959 ] with out the love of my life..and still am asking even silently "Lord what do I do with this?"

 Really, one would think a woman of my age and such a full rich lifetime looking back could begin to fill in the blanks .  Instead I continue to ask  "Lord, what now?"

I am not stopping. I am not giving up.  I am simply asking.
Talk about stumbling alone~ I don't get it when you suggest  you see  admirable strength in me.

I do pray something of Christ shows through in spite of the real me. I pray. Christ.

Looking Forward....I Surrender All

December 26, 2014

Along the Way ~ Mile Marker #16


Imagine a scrapbook filled with every moment, conversation, whisper, laughter, secrets, heartaches, trials, victories and celebration...every shared look, hugs & kisses, intimate moments, family gathering, road trip, flea market adventure, home redo project, gardening chores, walk through the woods, searching the roadsides for naturals used for decorating,
every quiet or desperate prayer time shared, early morning greeting while the coffee makes,

December 20, 2014

Oh, Christmas Tree ~

I am not doing an open house tour for you this year but I do think you might enjoy  my tree of choice since 2006[ ]  I call this theme "Shades of White" ~ the only ornaments included are white, gold, silver and clear glass.  Each year I am alert to finding a surprise addition  usually in antique or flea market venues.  I just wait for something to catch my eye and know it's going home with me.
Come,  sit a while and enjoy
the Harrison House 2014 tree
[It won't likely come down until the first week of 2015]

...Short people like me often have recognizable

limits when it comes to lighting and decorating a 9 ft.

Christmas tree.

December 17, 2014

Little Christmas Things ~

This small tree is placed in the equally small breakfast room setting on my truly antique  scales
{There's another story- check it out on the page titled "Everything Has A Story" }
No I have not reached the mile marker in life where my only Christmas tree is an obligatory Table Topper....but I do  claim at least 3 or 4  that measure less than 36" tall.  It's a good excuse for pulling together a few theme  trees.....a kitchen theme could show off things like miniature kitchen utensils or cookie cutters and another in either a bathroom or bedroom might be used for things like a collection of vintage costume jewelry or in the right spot perhaps sports theme goodies like fishing lures would make an impression .{ Just use whatever you have and love to show off }

December 02, 2014

I Choose JOY~

This is the Season of Joy
I just think I shall
Choose Joy!
 Come Along and Share Your Cup Thursday at
Have A Cup Of Mrs Olson

November 26, 2014

Being Thankful

Being Thankful

Just a a note:  Before you make that last list, before you fill the car with gas, before you pack that weekend bag, before you grab that bunch of flowers or the fruit basket for your hosts, before you run the vacuum cleaner one last time, before you make the bathroom company fresh, before you open the blinds & light the candles-
Look around You- (as I am) at the bounty, the blessings of the loved ones around you (or will be soon) Remember for a few moments the gifts of life, breath & (hopefully) Salvation ..the recent gifts of incredible people God has begun to cement into your life/my life to 'shore up' the precious ones already in place (family) and when you have done this I pray you will whisper along with me "what a wonderful God I serve! He can handle anything coming our way..just as He always has- I surrender all."


October 30, 2014

The Days of Our Lives ~

Timely Thoughts  About Time 
and the days of our lives

Mail is sent and received instantly. Work schedules are flexible.

Hardwood floors are EEZZ care. Machines Wash & Dry Our Clothes. 
  Ditto the Dishes! Ironing... What's that?

We often say, "Let's make time." 
We cannot make time of course,
  We do need to use it better.

We have longer 'talks' with Internet contacts
than family and friends. 
We enjoy talking.. often saying little.
 We hear ...not  always listening .

What a joy one whole day would be with dear ones in my life. 
We can't seem to make it happen.

These are 'The Days of Our Lives'...
but for a short while.


post script:  I realize many readers do not browse the side bar 
entries .  If you do this is redundant- Sorry about that!

October 21, 2014

What Now, Lord?

 1 Samuel 7:12-14 An Ebenezer Stone is a “Stone of Help or a reminder of God’s Real, Holy Presence and Divine help." An Ebenezer can be nearly anything that reminds us of God’s presence and help: the Bible, a cross, a picture, a hymn – something that reminds us of God’s love, God’s Real Presence, and God’s assistance.

The rather large rock the the left and at the base of the steps came from the farm in Texas - That's what I call our

Ebeneezer Stone

 I know  I am here by God's Grace. I still see Him all around me & I don't question that.  As I have said so often these past 14 + months all the hard issues have long been settled in my life.

What Now, Lord?  What now?

In days gone by...decades even, I  was almost always leading the parades, heading the committee, wearing the blue ribbons, the crowns and in the local news. 

That was yesterday.  I am not that same person who could always be counted on to  show up & take charge.

Reason and careful thought tells me I must look for new direction...I have stumbled upon a few solutions ....only a few. 

What Now Lord?

Looking Forward,